The pictures and storyline furnished by Randy Waters(cowboy444)

The pictures below show the cleanup of "SUPERCONS"

There is so much black sand that it's almost impossible to pan out the microscopic gold

This is my better half, Barbara. She enjoys panning as much as I do. That is a cotton candy bowl we're panning into in our back yard.
You can see how much black sand is in her pan.
Here's a picture of me trying my hand at a nearly impossible task.
There is a magnet in that small baggie. It takes about 3 of these to clear the magnetic sand from one scoop of material.

Another view of the black sand stuck to the magnet.

This is what 1 scoop of material looks like.

It's hard to tell from the picture but that is a quarter for size comparison.

That's magnetic black sand.

This is the 1 scoop of material from above.

This is what's left of the 1 scoop of material after removing the magnetic black sand.

There is gold in this picture but it is so small you can't see it.

As you can see there is a lot of work for very little gold.
The concentrates used in the above pictures came from under the airport runway in Gold Beach, Oregon. That is where the Rogue River used to flow until the jettys were installed to force the river into the ocean in a controlled channel.