North Bend Prospectors, Inc.
Mentoring Program

What Is a Mentor?

       Mentors are kind and concerned people from all walks of life who offer support, guidance, and encouragement. A mentor provides the sustained presence of a positive, caring role model and is more than simply a friend. A mentor seeks to help another navigate through the everyday challenges by drawing upon his or her greater knowledge, experience, and genuine concern. Although the specific roles of mentors vary quite a bit, every good mentor must do two things: make a connection and use that connection to convey a positive message.
       Making a connection means to gain the trust of people and fostering mutual respect. The essential factor involved in making the connection is that the mentor likes and respects the people with whom they will work and be willing and able to make a sustained, intensive personal commitment.
       Using that connection means to let the people know by word and deed that he or she is worth the mentor's time and effort because that person is a valuable human being. Also the mentor can offer that person, through knowledge and experience or by example, ways to expand his or her horizons and to increase the likelihood that he or she will achieve success. There are a thousand ways to express this message but the message is the same:
       "You are important and I care what happens to you."

What Will Mentors Do?

       Our Mentoring program commonly focuses on tutoring club members in the fine art of gold prospecting, which may include any of the techniques that are in common use today (panning, sluicing, dredging, metal detecting, etc.).

Who Are Mentors?

       Mentors are diverse individuals who can work successfully with the equally diverse population of people who need mentors. Regardless of their backgrounds, what all mentors share is the ability to reach out to people who need support and guidance and to provide them with one-on-one attention for a sustained period of time. The mentors' personal investment in the lives of people allows each person to look beyond the present to envision a future full of promise.

Want to be a Mentor?

       Please sign up and share your skills and knowledge with people who would like a little support.

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